This years Homecoming theme is "The Masquerade on Queen Street". Masquerades are high culture celebrations that took place during the 15th century in high society. The association of Masquerades with pomp and pageantry are fitting with the nature of homecomings and what they are intended to represent.

In many conversations, this same high culture, pomp and pageantry has been said to exist as a way of life at Hampton University.

Thus, "The Masquerade on Queen Street" theme is a play on the par excellence associated with the university.

The execution of this theme will call for the campus to celebrate increasingly elaborate symbolic Royal Entries and pageants (as evident with Miss Hampton's Coronation), triumphal processions (as evident with the Hampton Homecoming Parade) and the celebration of other dynastic events of late (such as the multiple athletic championships we have enjoyed and been a part of in recent memory.